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Kotlin meets gson

10 Nov 2017

During my work I found a way to trick Kotlin and put null into not nullable variable.

Learning Dagger

24 Oct 2017

I know IoC rule is one of the most important pattern in Object Oriented programming. I use it in my everyday work. But I never bothered to learn Dagger. For Kotlin project I used Injekt library. Learning Dagger feels like learning new language and my projects where small enough that I never needed big tool like this. But now I feel it is time for me to learn it. I will document my learning process here....

My Owasp Poland Day 2017 presentation slides

04 Oct 2017

You can find slides from my presentation on OWASP Poland Day here

LiveData meets RxJava

24 Aug 2017

In my journey to explore new Architecture Components I’ve found out that LiveData is not sufficient in complex cases to drive off-the-mainthred work. It is hard to combine results of different LiveData instances. But we have other tools that we use. One of them is RxJava. Can we make them work togheter? Sure we can!

Unit testing LiveData

12 Jul 2017

Last time I tried to use Android Architecture components. I couldn’t make LiveData to run in unit tests. But it turns out it is possible.

Android Architecture Components

10 Jul 2017

Last I/O Google announced Android architecture components. I couldn’t resist to try it out. I build app in kotlin with view models and live data and kotlin coroutinesRecyclerView with 2 view types, infinate scroll and pull-to-refresh.

dotSecurity dotScale

27 Apr 2017

Last weekend I had a pleasure to attend dotSecurity conference and dotScale following Monday. Conferences took place in Paris in very atmospheric places (200 years old theatres). Either security or scaling, while very important topics, are not first class persons in mobile world, so that is the reason I decided to attend and widen my view on developing software. And I was charmed.

Testing android jsr310 backport

14 Apr 2017

When dealing with dates on android I use jsr310 Android backport by Jake Wharton . This library loads timezone data on app startup using AndroidThreeTen.init(this). Unfortunately this uses context (this = Application) which is not aviable in unit tests.

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